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The Joe Daniel Football Quick Clinic is short, informative podcasts for American Football Coaches. I record them in the car on the way to practice, so you're not here for the audio quality. And if you're not a football coach, you probably won't like the show. Just a warning. If you are a coach... you're going to get some great ideas.
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Oct 3, 2017

It might be the worst thing that could happen during your season. Especially for your players.

No one wants to be in the situation where a Head Coach, Offensive Coordinator or Defensive Coordinator is being fired. But it does happen. The situation comes up.

For a variety of reasons. It might be performance, it could be a clash with administration, or it may be something worse.

Sometimes the coach just leaves, too. Seen that happen as well.

Whatever the reason, you’re going to need a plan. A way to push forward and salvage this season for the players that are left behind.

And always remember, that’s who it’s about! Do all that you can do so that this group of players has the best possible experience they can.

In this episode of The Joe Daniel Football Quick Clinic, I’ll share my ideas on what to do when the Head Coach or a Coordinator loses their job.

This question was sent in by a podcast listener on Facebook. You can send me your questions for the JDFB Quick Clinic to

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Sep 22, 2017

Spring Football Practice has this kind of mythical aura about it around the country. Some states allow it in High School Football, while others don’t.

Those of us who don’t have it may long for the opportunity to work with our players for an extra few practices. Coaches who do have Spring Football Practice will strive to maximize those extra reps.

But is it a good idea? Is it the best thing for your players?

In this episode of The Joe Daniel Football Quick Clinic, we’re going to talk about Spring Football Practice. Is it a good thing for your football players? Or for football coaches?

Listen to Episode 83 to hear my thoughts!

Sep 19, 2017

There’s nothing more important in your passing game than pass protection for the Quarterback. Like everything else in football, it all starts up front.

What’s the best pass protection scheme to use for your big guys? There’s a lot of options.

Big on Big. Half-Slide. Full Slide. Turnback protection.

5 man protection? 6 man? 7 man? When do you need to max protect for him?

Seems like the big questions that need to be answered. Of course, this doesn’t even begin to touch on protection techniques. That’s a whole different, and much longer clinic.

Leo sent in a great question for the JDFB Quick Clinic and it’s the one we’re answering on today’s episode. You can send in your questions to

Beyond just deciding what style of protection to use, you have to look at how everything works together.

The timing of the routes. The route releases. How long will the Quarterback have?

In the Pistol Power Offense System, our pass protection is tied into the Quarterback reads and receiver releases. You need a QB who can look at some simple keys in the defense, and check the protection if necessary.

Doesn’t take a lot of teaching. But he has to get used to it early. And you have to stay on top of it as a coach.

Listen to this week’s episode for the short version on pass protection for your offense. Then check out The Pistol Power Offense System at for more in-depth teaching on how to tie your protection, routes and QB reads together.

To get an introduction to The Pistol Power Offense System as my special gift to you, check out Enter your email address there. I’ll send you a 3 video series on the Power, Counter and Power Pass series of the offense, at no cost to you.

Sep 15, 2017

The weak side of the 4-3 Defense has been the source of a lot of questions. I may be a little different in the way I want that backer to play.

From the ‘spin down’ technique, to the wider alignment than most coaches would play. Differences in pass coverage. Preference on personnel. I’ve got some ideas that don’t match up with what I see in a lot of places.

That’s OK though. I feel pretty good about them.

Today’s JDFB Quick Clinic has a great question about how the Will Linebacker in the 4-3 Defense should take on and defeat blocks from Logan.

Since he didn’t mention what the coverage is, I made an assumption that we’re using the Quarters Coverage that I teach in our 4-3 Defense System. You can get instant access to the entire 4-3 Defense System when you become a JDFB Client. Visit to get all the details.

I’ve posted a video that goes in depth on the different Quarters Coverage checks that I talk about in this episode. If you’re not familiar with them, you’ll want to check this video out:

The most important thing to consider, is what the responsibility of the Will Linebacker is against the outside run in your 4-3 Defense. That will depend on the coverage, and coverage check, that you decide to run.

This episode also gets at the heart of my single biggest concern in coaching defensive football today. Don’t get beat outside.

Listen to this episode of the JDFB Quick Clinic right now to hear all about how you can coach your Will Linebacker to defeat blocks and fit the run in your 4-3 Defense!

Sep 12, 2017

Defensive Coordinators seeing more and more 10 personnel, Trips formations. Just when you think the Spread philosophy may have reached it’s peak, it… spreads… a little more.

On this episode of the Joe Daniel Football Quick Clinic, I’m answering a listener question about defending sprint outs and roll out to the Trips side, with a running back helping to protect the Quarterback.

This is a dangerous situation. If you don’t do anything, the QB can pull it down and run. He’s often the most athletic guy on the field, and we don’t want him running free with the football. Or having all day to find an open receiver.

Then there’s the alternative. Bring up the wrong guy, and you could be leaving a receiver wide open down the field for an easy catch and a huge gain. That’s no good, either.

How do we handle it? Listen to this episode for our rules on defending roll outs and sprint out passing from The 4-2-5 Defense System. It’s a simple run that will keep your defense sound against a tough look.

Want to learn more about my 4-2-5 Defense System? Find out all about the System, and how you can get Instant Access to it right now, at

Sep 8, 2017

Details are critical in coaching football. If you don’t pay attention to the details, you don’t win a lot of games. And there’s a lot of detail in an Offensive Line stance.

The question is, which details do you pay attention to? What is important, and what is just a waste of time?

Chad sent me a question on Twitter @footballinfo asking whether he needed to worry about which hand his is down in his Offensive Line stance.

Their team is moving from the Wing-T to a Spread Offense. (I know, it made me sad, too.) In the Wing-T Offensive Line stance, they put down whichever hand was comfortable.

In this episode of The Joe Daniel Football Quick Clinic, I’ll discuss whether this detail is something you should be worried about. Something you’re willing to put your time and effort into coaching.

In fact, we’ll talk about whether you should have a hand down at all. I’ve listened to a lot of good coaches lately who prefer a 2-point Offensive Line stance. Maybe that’s the answer?

The truth is, there’s no one right answer. But it’s worth diving into. I’ll talk about all of it in today’s episode of The Joe Daniel Football Quick Clinic!

During this episode I also told you about the offensive line stance we teach in The Pistol Power Offense System. If you want to learn more about that System, you can get my exclusive 3 video series at no cost. Just visit and enter your email address to get instant access.

Sep 4, 2017

Every football defense needs to have a plan for defending trips formations. In fact, you need more than one way.

There should be a base plan for defending trips formations. The way you’ll handle these sets when all else fails. Your fall back, and the most solid and comfortable plan.

Then there’s a blitz plan. A way to get pressure on teams lining up in 3x1 formations.

The third way could involve a number of methods, but it’s usually based on game plan. You need to know the strengths of your opponent to do this.

Whatever you decide to do when defending trips formations, you have to make sure that it’s sound. And there’s one simple rule to follow when you figure this out.

Can you defend Speed Option to the weak side? If they run Speed Option and read your Defensive End, or anyone else over there, can you still stop the play?

I see a lot of teams leaving this open to the weak side. And that’s OK, if you’re sure your opponent can’t run it. But if they can, you’ll be in trouble.

Listen to this episode of The Joe Daniel Football Quick Clinic to hear how we are defending trips formations. I’ll talk about some simple alignments from the 4-2-5 Defense System, and how you can be sure you are able to handle Speed Option to the single receiver side.

Want to get the complete 4-2-5 Defense System? You can get instant access for a low monthly rate, with no contract. Visit for all the details.


Sep 1, 2017

It’s my favorite play. And we’re talking about the biggest problem you’ll have running it.

This mailbag question comes from Zach, who’s got the Power run play in his offensive playbook. But the backside linebacker has been giving them problems.

This is a major focus in how I teach the blocking in our Pistol Power Offense System. The BSLB will screw this play up for your offense more than anyone else.

Took a lot of time and adjustments to learn this. He seems like an afterthought when you’re first putting the play in. Then you get smashed in the backfield repeatedly by a guy who does a good job reading the guard.

He hits backside, frontside… he’s killing you. What’s the plan? How do you handle that guy?

Listen to this episode of The Joe Daniel Football Quick Clinic to find out how we teach our players to block the Power run play, and how we put a major emphasis on controlling that backside linebacker so that the play keep moving the chains.

This episode is sponsored by The Pistol Power Offense System. I’ve put together a video package that will show you the basics of Power series, at no cost to you. Just visit and enter your email address to get the first video in that series sent straight to your email inbox!

Aug 29, 2017

Today’s listener question is all about a fundamental question for coaching your defensive line.

Spill it or squeeze it? There’s a lot of terms that get used here. Wrong arm the kick out block, or cage it?

Should we get under the block and force the ball carrier to bounce, or turn him back inside?

I’ll talk about my thoughts on this subject, but if you’ve been around me very long you probably know where I’m going.

Never one to assume I have all the answers, and you should always coach what you know. But what I know, is spilling the ball carrier to our force defenders.

Spilling the football is a big part of our defensive systems. It’s just the way I’ve learned football and it makes sense. To learn more about The 4-2-5 Defense System, visit


Aug 25, 2017

Need more control over your blitzing? Yes. Everyone does.

In our defensive systems at Joe Daniel Football, I teach the use of Field & Boundary calls. It gives you more control over where you’re going to bring your blitzes from - by giving you the ability to set the strength before the snap. Regardless of what the offense does.

On this episode of the Joe Daniel Football Quick Clinic, I’ll teach you how to use those Field & Boundary calls in your defensive play calling.

More important, I’ll teach you a much simpler method that works better with kids. And one that you can install right now.

This question came from one of our JDFB Clients who is using the 4-2-5 Defense System for the first time this year. To learn more about The 4-2-5 Defense System, visit

Aug 22, 2017

How do you get your Quarterback to make better decisions? You teach him to read coverages.

Not just read coverages, but understand them. You’ll find a lot of High School Quarterbacks who have learned how to recognize Cover 3. But have no idea what it means.

In this episode of The Joe Daniel Football Quick Clinic, I’ll give you some tips and tricks for teaching your Quarterback to read coverages. Then you’ll need to teach him what they mean.

QBs that can recognize the coverage, and understand what it means, can start to figure out where they’ll go with the football. Before the snap.

Having that knowledge will lead to better decision making on your passing plays.

In this episode, I talked about some of our passing triggers in The Pistol Power Offense System. You can get all the details on how to get instant access to the Pistol Power Offense System right now at

Aug 18, 2017

How do you get your Offensive Line to block longer? That’s the big question Offensive Line coaches are always trying to solve in your run blocking indy’s.

And it’s the question we’re answering this week on the JDFB Quick Clinic. How do you get your Offensive Linemen to stay engaged in the block as long as you need?

There’s two parts to this answer. One is in teaching your Offensive Linemen all phases of the block.

First step, position step. Second step, strike. That’s where we get the pop. The movement. Put the defensive lineman on his heels.

Third step is a gather step. Get the feet under you. That’s where sustaining the block starts. You can’t sustain a block if you just “FIRE OUT!” and “BLOCK SOMEBODY!”

That’s not coaching. That’s just yelling dumb stuff from the sidelines.

On the third step the blocker gets his base underneath him. Wide base. Quick feet. Keep the defender covered up.

Then you look for the finish. As soon as that defender turns his attention somewhere else, you finish him!

In Episode 73 of The Joe Daniel Football Quick Clinic, I’ll talk in depth about how to help your Offensive Linemen sustain blocks as long as they need to.

Want more on the Offensive Line? JDFB Insiders get access to the Complete Offensive Line Coaching Formula. It’s a 12 hour course on coaching the Offensive Line, and you can get instant access at

Aug 16, 2017

I have a VERY important question from one of our listeners for today’s episode. How do you teach your players to use the helmet and/or facemask in blocking?

It’s interesting because this got me a little riled up. That may not take much, but this one is really important.

Not because I think the coaches that are teaching anything involving the helmet are bad coaches. But because we have to stop.

I used to teach hat & hands for defensive linemen. Getting the head across on the tackle. You know, all the old stuff.

When we teach blocking now, as with tackling, it’s about keeping the head out of contact. As much as possible, we’re trying to protect against head trauma.

Tall order in a violent sport. But we have to do everything we can to keep our players safe. And save the sport.

Listen to today’s episode to hear all about why you should never involve the helmet in your teaching, even if you can’t keep it completely out of the contact forever.

Aug 11, 2017

When is the right time to change your defense? And should you change it at all?

There’s a lot of factors that go into this. Today I’m answering a listener question about transitioning from the 4-2-5 Defense to the 3-4 Defense.

We’ll talk about what to consider when you look at your players, but also what to think about with your coaching staff.

This is a big decision, so it’s worth listening to this episode of The Joe Daniel Football Quick Clinic!

Want to learn more about the 4-2-5 Defense or 3-4 Defense? You get access to BOTH Systems when you join JDFB Insider! Visit to get all the details.

Aug 9, 2017

This week’s question comes from a Youth / Middle School Football Coach who wants to run a Zone blocking scheme.

Interesting question. I’d be a lot of coaches would say no. You may need to tweak some things, but you can absolutely do this.

One mistake I learned on Zone blocking, was trying to look just like an NFL or Division 1 college team. We block Zone a little differently. But not much.

Listen to this JDFB Quick Clinic to hear my thoughts on coaching the Zone blocking schemes with younger players.

And to learn more about our Zone Scheme, check out The Pistol Power Offense System at

Aug 4, 2017

Even more on the weak side of your 4-2-5 Defense in Quarters Coverage. This is a common topic, and it’s important to note that this is not a natural fit. See for all the details on that.

In this episode I’ll talk about how you can handle 2 by 2 formations with 10 Personnel in your Quarters Coverage with the 4-2-5 Defense.

And if you want to learn more about The 4-2-5 Defense System, visit for all the details on how you can get Instant Access to this complete defensive package.

Aug 2, 2017

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the weak side or Away Side in the TCU terminology, for Split Field Coverage with the 4-2-5 Defense. Today on the Quick Clinic, I’m answering one of them.

Joe asked about playing the Sky check on the away side. In the Sky check we roll the Weak Safety down to play like an outside linebacker. The Corner is responsible for playing the deep half.

Check out my explanation on this episode of The JDFB Quick Clinic!

And if you want to learn more about The 4-2-5 Defense System, visit for all the details on how you can get Instant Access to this complete defensive package.

Jul 28, 2017

Gideon sent in a question that every coach needs the answer to. How do you change a player’s position?

Seems easy, right? And in the old school coaching world, it was. You just tell him to change positions. Like it or not.

Sometimes that works. Sometimes you lose a kid for the rest of the season. Or the rest of his career.

Listen to this episode of The JDFB Quick Clinic to learn how football coaches can sell a player into accepting that new position as a promotion, instead of a demotion.

Jul 26, 2017

I want to share a new tool with you. A free tool for football coaches here in the United States.

The U.S. Army has put together a playbook app that’s available on Android, iPhone, Windows and a web based application (that I use on my MacBook). It will create a beautiful 3-D Playbook for your football team.

On this edition of the JDFB Quick Clinic, I’ll tell you more about the app. What it can do, what it can’t do, and why you need to go get this free app!

To get the app, visit and get started. You can also search for it in the App Store on iPhone (and probably elsewhere, but that’s the only one I know how to use anymore).

Jul 21, 2017

Coaches everywhere struggle with this major practice problem. I’m going to give you some solutions.

Practice starts, and you look around. There’s about 19 guys here today. What are you going to do?

The obvious answer is to go half line and get your work in that way.

But there’s a second issue. Your scout team when you go half line… awful.

Terrible. So bad it’s not even worth working against them.

You still have to get your guys ready. The competition on Game Day isn’t going to care about your practice problems.

In this episode of The Joe Daniel Football Quick Clinic, I’m answering a listener question on this exact situation. And giving you a few ideas on how to maximize that practice time, and still get your players ready.

Looking for more Practice Planning guidance? Check out Football Coaching Podcast Episode 204 - 4 Step Blueprint to Pre-Season Practice Planning

Jul 19, 2017

The next step down the path in the Football Film Timeline is Apex Football. And they’ve all but disappeared from the earth today.

Apex’s big feature was the ability to input your data using voice recognition. It was a very cool, though at times very frustrating, feature for football coaches.

In June 2012, Hudl purchased Apex Football. It was one of the last steps on Hudl’s path to completely dominating the market.

Listen to today’s JDFB Quick Clinic to get your fix of some old school football film study.

Jul 14, 2017

JP sent in a question on Facebook asking where to play his stud player in the 4-4 Defense. Mike? Outside Linebacker? Free Safety?

There’s a few things to get out of this podcast. The biggest one is changing out decision making process as coaches.

If you want to send in a question for the JDFB Quick Clinic, just contact me at with “Podcast Question” in the subject.

Want to run your own 4-4 Defense? You can get access to my exclusive 4-2-5 Defense Video Series right now, at no charge. Visit to get started. (yes, it’s the same as a 4-4 Defense)


Jul 12, 2017

Today’s Quick Clinic is in response to a question sent by Alaric to me on Facebook. He wants to know why more coaches aren’t running the Wing-T Offense.

It’s a great question, because this offense has been so effective over the years.

The answer? Some of it may surprise you. Some of it won’t.

But there’s a lot more coaches running the Wing-T Offense, or parts of it, than you think.

Want more on the Wing-T Offense? Check out Episode 203 of The Football Coaching Podcast, on the Origins of the Wing-T Offense.

You can get instant access to my 3 video series on The Pistol Power Offense System right now. Visit to sign up now.

Jul 7, 2017

Mental Toughness. It’s a very popular coaching buzzword today.

Suck it up, get back in there! That’s what most coaches are thinking when a kid gets a little limp. Or feels tired.

But is that the right reaction?

Let’s leave the head injuries out of this. I’m talking about those injuries that aren’t potentially life-threatening, but still need to be addressed.

When should you leave a kid in the game? When is it better to take him out and get a fresh player in the game?

Listen to this episode of The Joe Daniel Football Quick Clinic to hear the stream of consciousness discussion.


Jul 5, 2017

Not everyone will remember this blast from the past. The one’s that do will certainly have some mixed emotions.

Landro is still in existence, I think - at Though I couldn’t find much evidence that the football product has been updated since 2014.

But in the mid-2000’s, the Landro blue box was at the height of football coaching technology. At least, for a brief moment.

Take a walk down memory lane as I mis-remember everything about the first ‘Video Analysis’ tool I ever used.

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