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The Joe Daniel Football Quick Clinic is short, informative podcasts for American Football Coaches. I record them in the car on the way to practice, so you're not here for the audio quality. And if you're not a football coach, you probably won't like the show. Just a warning. If you are a coach... you're going to get some great ideas.
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Sep 19, 2017

There’s nothing more important in your passing game than pass protection for the Quarterback. Like everything else in football, it all starts up front.

What’s the best pass protection scheme to use for your big guys? There’s a lot of options.

Big on Big. Half-Slide. Full Slide. Turnback protection.

5 man protection? 6 man? 7 man? When do you need to max protect for him?

Seems like the big questions that need to be answered. Of course, this doesn’t even begin to touch on protection techniques. That’s a whole different, and much longer clinic.

Leo sent in a great question for the JDFB Quick Clinic and it’s the one we’re answering on today’s episode. You can send in your questions to

Beyond just deciding what style of protection to use, you have to look at how everything works together.

The timing of the routes. The route releases. How long will the Quarterback have?

In the Pistol Power Offense System, our pass protection is tied into the Quarterback reads and receiver releases. You need a QB who can look at some simple keys in the defense, and check the protection if necessary.

Doesn’t take a lot of teaching. But he has to get used to it early. And you have to stay on top of it as a coach.

Listen to this week’s episode for the short version on pass protection for your offense. Then check out The Pistol Power Offense System at for more in-depth teaching on how to tie your protection, routes and QB reads together.

To get an introduction to The Pistol Power Offense System as my special gift to you, check out Enter your email address there. I’ll send you a 3 video series on the Power, Counter and Power Pass series of the offense, at no cost to you.